Black Student Union addresses depression through a conference

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Depression is a growing concern for those in college. Depression has also become a part of a larger conversation surrounding college students nationally as well.

Part of combatting depression is also growing confidence in one’s self and learning to love who you are.

The Black Student Union, BSU, is hoping to help students to love themselves by bringing a conference to campus titled, “Owning Who You Are” with featured lecturer Eldridge “El” Broussard III to help students and community members alike on Saturday, April 30.

“[The conference] was originally called “Self Love,” after seeing on campus, and on YikYak, that people would be depressed a lot, especially with the weather saying things like “I can’t stand to be by myself,” junior Michael Ashley said.

“I was like wow, we should really have a conference about self love so that people can learn to be confident with themselves and learn to live with themselves.”

The conference, which will last from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. will offer students, faculty and community members the opportunity to listen to Broussard speak, move forward in an intimate workshop setting and attendees will have lunch included as well as a book written by Broussard titled “The Challenge to Change.”

Broussard, a speaker who specializes in personal growth, started off as a ward of the state of Oregon and an inmate of the Oregon State Correctional system and is now a community leader and has started the Broussard’s Foundation to help through the corporate industry.

“[Broussard’s] whole thing on the conference and the name of it, “Owning Who You Are” is about being confident with yourself, whoever you are – own it and be confident,” Ashley said. “He wants you to walk out of the conference with a sense of who they are, what they want to be, what they want to do and to just be confident as a person so that they can become successful because success comes from knowing who you are, being true to yourself and loving yourself.”

Anyone interested can register for the conference while BSU members are tabling in the UC or online and registration for the conference will cost $5. The conference will be held in Stoller 137 on Saturday, April 30.


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