Megan Moll performs mix of musicals 

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While most seniors will be presenting their projects senior projects day, Wednesday, April 27, general music majors have been presenting their work for the past few weeks.

As a general music major, Megan Moll was able to choose between doing a recital and writing a research paper for her senior project. Moll chose to do a recital, which she performed April 1.

Over the course of one hour, Moll preformed 13 songs from 12 different musicals. She said she chose to do songs from musicals because people typically choose to do classical style music in a variety of languages for their recitals; she wanted to do something different:

“I thought it would interest a different group of people because it was a different style of music entirely.”

Having grown up in a musical family that frequently went to musical performances, Moll said that musical theater has always been a big part of her life. Even though Moll has always had a love for musicals, she said she has never been someone who likes being on a stage in front of people. She was surprised with how well she thought she did during her performance.

According to Moll, her music selection is part of the reason why her performance went so well:

“It was all music that I loved because I was attached to it and I loved practicing it so it was just like right there, like second nature.”

Moll said that her senior project allowed her to see how much she had learned and grown vocally over the past four years.


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