Berglund Center holds Inspired Ideas Competition

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Pacific University hosted the second annual Berglund Center Inspired Ideas Competition, IIC.

This competition invites undergraduate and graduate students for a chance to win thousands of dollars in scholarships and professional support for an original idea.

While a competitor does not have to have a prototype or drawn out blue prints, their ideas must be original, and must offer a solution to a known or emerging problem, and that is developed during the student’s tenure at the university.

The Burgland Center strived to promote the Inspired Ideas Competition in a way to that gets more students involved in the Berglund Center.

Ideas for this year’s competition included UBER for doctors which is a way for patients to get routine medical attention at their own home.

Another idea that was presented was a three in one walker that was presented by Occupational Therapy student Tim Patching.

His idea is addressing some medical equipment problems where insurance companies will only cover one walking assistance so his idea will not only be more versitle for the user, but will also solve the insurance issue that many elder people face.

Ideas ranged from these medical examples to a modified back pack that doubles as a scooter to relive back pain.

“The purpose for the project is to actually create a paradigm shift in the DNA of Pacific,
to have people feel comfortable taking a risk. Doing things that unfortunately through school, we kind of want people to go in this particular box and I would like to break the box,” Andy Soria, Director of the Berglund Center, said.

Soria said he wants the ICC to be the engine of change for creativity and innovation on campus for graduate and undergraduates alike.

This years judges were Skip Lei, a former Nike associate of 31 years, Jim Tung, a research and development chemist at Lacamas Laboratories in Portland, John Michael-Kowertz, the Director of Business Support and Development at the Beaverton Chamber, and Holly Farwood, a two-time Berglund fellow and current Psychology Doctoral candidate.

When deciding the winner, the judges based their criteria on uniqueness, innovative merit, and a clear need identified for the service or product.

The winners include, Pharmacy student David Hege, Occupational Therapy student Tim Patching, Audiology students Larissa Katrina and Maura Daniels, and Psychology students Aaron Bergman, Josh Kaplan, and Vanessa Somohano.

They will all receive funding to bring their ideas to life which could possibly lead to a career in business.


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