GRE test preparation offers students support

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On Saturday, April 24, a free Graduate Records Examination (GRE) test prep event was held on campus. Chris Lane, a Computer Science and Mathematics professor, ran the event.

Lane frequently contributes questions to the Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus exam and works closely with the nations Educational Testing Services, the program which administers and monitors the GRE.

Additionally, Lane takes the GRE every year to see what’s changed and how he can help students do their best on the exam.

According to Lane and the GRE website, the test is split into three sections: First is Analytical Writing, which is scored between 1-6 with an average score of 3.5.

The last two sections are Quantitative Reasoning and Reading Comprehension, which is scored between 130 and 170 with an average of 152.

Sophomore Sam Lebedinsky, who is planning to attend graduate school to become a Physician Assistant said: “The test prep was extremely helpful and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about taking the test. Chris Lane was an awesome instructor who made the material seem conquerable.”

The test takes about four hours to complete and is offered year round. However, as of this year, the test is completely online.

The testing procedure is evolving quickly—in fact, during the Quantitative Analysis portion, questions in section two will solely be based on performance in section one.

Free practice tests are available directly from the GRE website. The average test booklet costs about $30. The test itself costs $205.


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