Kappa Sigma disbanded: Fraternity President explains why

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In early February the Kappa Sigma fraternity held a rush event at Rainbow Lanes Bowling Alley. And afterwards a member of the fraternity invited some people over to the Kappa Sigma house according to Kappa Sigma President, sophomore Mason Bailey.

Drinking occurred after a number of people not involved with Greek Life arrived at the house. A Snapchat video was taken recording drinking and Bailey said this led to the Kappa Sigma fraternity being disbanded by the university’s conduct board.

“The Snapchat was misconstrued as a rush event being held at the house,” Bailey said.

The Snapchat video was recorded by a student and sent to the university leading to the Kappa Sigmas being charged with hazing, disorderly conduct and alcohol violations.

Bailey said that they were probably in violation of the alcohol policies, but hazing never occurred as new members were not invited to the event. He said the disorderly conduct charge was for not stopping the people from drinking.

According to Greek Life rules, Bailey said, “If we know how old they are we are obligated to stop them [from drinking] but it does not say we are obligated to ask how old people are.”

Because a majority of the party attendees were not part of Greek Life and were unknown, Bailey assumed they were of age.

The members that were formerly known as the Kappa Sigmas are trying to start a new fraternity in the fall and move past the incident, but Bailey said that the whole Executive Council of the Kappa Sigmas have been banned from Greek Life for two years.

The former Executive Council is actively appealing the ban and hopes that they can be reinstated into Greek Life.

“We were probably in violation of alcohol, but there is no evidence of the other two allegations,” Bailey said.

As of right now Bailey has goals of starting a local fraternity before he tries to get approval for a national fraternity.

Bailey said the member that took the Snapchat video, uploaded video to his Snapchat Story where another person recorded the video and sent it to university staff members.

Bailey believes that they were trying to target the member who took the video.

The Kappa Sigma fraternity has been trying to become a chartered fraternity on the Pacific campus for two years.

Bailey had hoped to achieve their charter from their national chapter this semester until they were shut down.

“We should have been punished, but not to the extent that we were,” Bailey said.


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