Pacific gathers for march

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Pacific University held Take Back the Night two weeks ago, as students marched up Main Street speaking out against sexual violence.

The event is about standing up for victims of sexual assault and creating an understanding environment for those who have been through such incidents.

The entire University could hear the crowd as they chanted and sang their way to Lincoln Park. Representative Susan Mclain kicked off the night with a few thoughts and remarks about rape on college campuses.

At the park, the group stood around in a circle and different people shared their different experiences with sexual assault.

“At first it felt strange when we were chanting, because it seemed nobody in town understood, but as I kept chanting it seemed to feel more and more empowering,” sophomore Kaela Collins said.

Many faculty members and members of the community showed up to fight for the cause and this year the rally had more people than it ever has.

The students leading the rally were satisfied with the number of people who showed up, but felt that everyone should speak out against sexual violence and join the movement.

“I feel there should be more people showing their support. Sexual violence is so real and prevalent. Even on our campus. I feel that people don’t understand that and want to brush this type of event off as some feminists protest,” Collins later said.

The rally has raised the question of how the university plans to approach sexual violence moving forward.

Many students from the movement find that it is important to teach incoming students about the dangers of sexual violence, and that it needs to be covered more extensively during orientation as well as with current students.

The rally has caused many students to look at sexual violence in a more serious manner, and are looking forward to growing the rally’s attendance next year.


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