Rape lawsuit

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     A hearing regarding the sexual assault case that was filed against Pacific University last fall is scheduled to take place in November at the Multnomah County Circuit Court. 
Last year, Attorney Greg Kafoury filed a $3 million lawsuit against the university for negligence in how they handled a sexual assault case in 2013. The university then filed a motion to dismiss the case last May. In response to this, the court dismissed the plaintiffs complaint without prejudice, which allows the plaintiff time to revise and reshape the complaint in order to refile. 
     And as of August, the plaintiff filed an amended complaint, which the university responded to by filing a motion to dismiss the complaint as well. 
Personal safety and security of everybody of highest priority at Pacific University,Media Relations Director Joe Lang said. We take all incident reports very seriously and I think we are certainly aware there are going to be things that happen in any environment, but its our responsibility to the students and their families to respond as quickly as possible in a positive way.
This year, Mark Ankeny, vice president for student affairs, has taken on the role of Title XI Coordinator, a critical role all universities are supposed to have.
We are really trying to be proactive with our Office of Campus Wellness and other areas so that students know they have resources available, confidential resources, to express any concerns they might have in good faith,Lang said. 
The university will examine those and respond accordingly.
For more information on the case,  visit The Pacific Index website at www.pacindex.com.


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