FGPD comments on police brutality issue

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After the tragedies that happened this past summer, police brutality has become a concern in communities nationwide.

The Forest Grove Police Department (FGPD) has voiced their concerns on the matter as well, but want the community to understand that violence should never be the intention of law enforcement.

“The events that took place the last few years were horrible from both sides,” Community Outreach Specialist Lauren Quinsland said.

FGPD forces their officers to train in situations that may involve violence, but believe that it should be used as a last resort or if their lives are in danger.

FGPD has not had many police brutality incidents. If there is a complaint of brutality, the department takes extensive measures to ensure that every person is treated equally under the law.

“There is not an officer here that gets in their car and hopes they are able to use their gun. Our officers are trained to handle intense situations without using force, but also understand the times that it is necessary. “

FGPD trains there officers by hitting them with their batons as well as tasing them so that they understand the pain that is endured when using those weapons.

They understand that many of these incidents that have occurred over the summer were due to a lack of training.

The department has training on how to handle the mentally unstable as well as transients in situations that are in need of law enforcement.

The FGPD has prided itself on keeping the community friendly and looks to continue building a strong and safe town.


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