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The choice of the student to live on campus or off campus carries both bene ts and consequences. Living on campus has conveniences like having friends and classes close by. Off-campus housing offers more independence and less restrictions that are a reality of on-campus living, but there is a social atmosphere that has bene ts to be considered.

“I think it would de nitely have to be the social aspect of it,” sophomore Izaiya Taylor, who lives on campus said. “I know last year I met a lot more people than I would have had I not been on campus.”

Living on campus comes at a price. The estimated cost can be found on Paci c University’s website. Costs start at around $3,264 per semester and can go as high as $9,328 per academic year. Factoring in oor plans of dorms or apartments, meal plans and other expenses, the price of living on campus can be nominal.

“It was about $900 a month per person when I broke it down,” senior Cailyn Andreasen, who had previously lived on campus said.

Rising rents in the Portland metro area are a concern for students who live off campus.

In a KPTV.com article from Sept. 22, Johnathon Hendricks, an Emmy nominated journalist and Oregon native, reported that an increase in demand has driven up rent prices all over the state, and some tenants have seen near $300 to $400 increase.

Combining off campus housing with a full time student’s budget can shrink the availability and for some students increase the costs of commuting to school. Senior Kayla Cardeiro, who commutes from the Beaverton-Tigard area, has to navigate the balance of distance and cost.

“Including my transportation costs $100 per month for bus fare, my rent and utilities come to about $1000 per month, with between $100 to $150 set aside for food, for myself and my sister, with whom I live,” Cardeiro said.

School debt is a looming reality for students. The costs of living while attending Paci c University has an impact on the overall outcome after graduation. While the social experience could be impacted by living off campus, a lower cost for housing could be realized.

“It really depends; the rst place I was at last year was about half as much with all utilities and travel expenses.” Andreasen said. “Where I am at now is still a couple hundred dollars cheaper per month than on campus.”

The social atmosphere and accesibility to friends and events has its perks, but living off campus can offer more independence. The costs of rents are rising in the Portland metro area, but it seems to still be a lower cost than living on campus. In the end the choice is up to the student: a life close to the action, friends and close to classes, or more freedom and responsibility at a lower cost.


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