Editor comments on campus political diversity

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Pacific University has strived to build a campus environment that is accepting to diversity. In the aspect of attracting different cultures and various ethnicities, Pacific has succeeded. However, what about the diversity of political ideologies? Because we are a liberal arts university, much of the curriculum derives from liberal ideologies. This is understandable, but is it really diverse? Isn’t the idea of diversity gaining knowledge of as many different perspectives and cultures as possible? When we attend guest speaker 
their perspectives are hardly ever moderate or conservative. Wouldn’t that be a lack of diversity?  
I am not sympathizing with the right side of spectrum, but I admit that I would like to have more moderation in political perspective. Another instance was when someone wrote “Vote Trump” on the one of the sidewalks on campus and there were multiple complaints claiming that it was offensive.
While I agree that Trump’s political platform is controversial, many other students chalk the sidewalks defending ideas that they feel strongly about. Why shouldn’t this student be able to voice his political advocacy in that same manner.
Personally, I find Trump’s political ideology off-putting, but I also advocate for the right of freedom of expression. I enjoy the different cultures on Pacific’s campus and think it is great that we embrace everyone’s ethnic backgrounds. From a political standpoint, I feel like we should have more moderation. This is not because I think one party is right or wrong, but rather that we can become more diverse in thought process if we understand both sides of a political argument.
Students will also feel like they are not being forced toward one side or another. Diversity includes learning perspectives that we are not comfortable with and we embrace opposing arguments regardless of whether we agree with them.

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