Winter term

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With fall term ending shortly and winter term coming next, with it comes ACE Board activities. Gabie Mbenza-Ngoma, ACE Board president and the rest of the board have planned an Open Mic Night during the two-week term. On Jan. 13 at 8 p.m., students will be able to take the stage again and listen to guest duo Xlovers.  “They have an eccentric sound that ACE Board believes really works with ourcampus vibe,” Mbenza-Ngoma said. Creating this event in the short amount of time winter term provides, created no shortage of challenges for the members of ACE Board. Mbenza-Ngoma discussed how scheduling for the next term limited the board by only two Open Mic Nights. Mbenza-Ngoma said her and the board agreed that “adding 
[an Open Mic Night] in January would be a perfect fit.
“We’ve always wanted to have an event during winter term, but we weren’t quite sure what to place there,” Mbenza-Ngoma said, before adding how the Open Mic Night is 
something students are familiar with and is a perfect opportunity for a fun event on campus. When asked about picking the date in such a small window, Mbenza-Ngoma admitted 
there were some problems in finding the actual day to host the event.   “We always strive to have our Open Mic Nights during traditional semesters 
on the first Friday of each month,” she said. “It may have been tough to navigate, but in the end we’re really excited to have Open Mic during J-term.”The Open Mic Night is the only planned activity for winter term before another Open Mic Night sometime in February.

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