New location of design lab in Brown Hall

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Renovations are coming to Brown Hall’s art lab. New tools such as a 12×20 
laser cutter, Computer Numeric Control (CNC) router and 3D printers are some of 
the recent additions.  Although the art lab is still being renovated, the resources in the art lab are currently available for all Pacific University students. “You don’t have to be enrolled in a class to use the equipment,” Studio Art Professor Natalya Locke said. “We want it to be a university wide resource.” The only requirement that students need to operate the art lab’s equipment is to have experience with these tools. Students can contact Locke to set up training sessions about how to operate the art equipment. 
This lab is meant to give students a place that they can have hands on experience working with the tools in the art lab. Learning how to utilize these tools can also help designers gain the required skillset needed to thrive in today’s technological age of designing.  The studio art program is exited about the new changes that will be coming in the following year. The renovation in the art lab will bring new wooden workbenches to replace their drafting tables. This will give students greater mobility between the workbenches and workshop. The studio art program was also able to get grant funding for a 3D printer capable of layering ceramics in the upcoming fall.
 The art program is also excited about new additions coming into its curriculum. New and current art programs will have students working with the art lab’s new equipment. There will be a new major called the Design Tract that will be available in the fall semester. This will be an art major that will focus on various aspects of design. Classes that are part of the Design Tract will help students learn about their end users by focusing on a project’s functionality, ethics and aesthetics.

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