Mallery resigns from Pacific

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Vice President for Finance and Administration Mike Mallery recently resigned from Pacific University for personal, health and family reasons, after starting at the university in summer 2010.

Pacific President Lesley Hallick, who has assumed Mallery’s duties in the absence on a current replacement, said the resignation was somewhat sudden.

“Mike had responsibly for the finance areas, the facilities areas, for IT, for human resources and legal, so a wide range of finance and administration functions which I have taken on temporarily,” Hallick said. “I certainly don’t intend to do it for a long time, we’ll launch a search shortly.”

Hallick said a search committee for Mallory’s replacement could be formed as early as the week of March 19.

“We’re going to form a search committee and then also use an outside consulting firm because it’s a little easier to access a broad national market that way and assure applicants confidentially,” Hallick said. “A style of search I find particularly helpful is a combination of an internal search committee, so that you have really good constituency input from the campus, and then an outside consultant who can do the gathering of applicants.”

Halick said she hopes to find and hire a permanent replacement for Mallery’s position by mid-summer, or at the latest next fall.


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