Undergraduate Student Senate receives record number of participants on this year’s student survey

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The Undergraduate Student Senate (USS) at Pacific University was able to ascertain the opinions of students on a number of university related issues through the results of their annual USS student survey.

According to Katie Lightcap, USS president, this year’s survey had record participation numbers. And the results will help the USS know what kind of projects to prioritize for the future.

The survey results reflected the student body’s desire and want for improved safety on campus, extended library hours and additional work in the areas of diversity and inclusivity.

The USS survey results also showed a majority of participants who voiced concern regarding a lack of administration transparency to students.

“Students are looking for more of a connection, accountability and interaction with the administration in big decision making,” Gabriella Brill, USS vice president of campus betterment said.

According to Brill, all of the USS survey results and student feedback portions are currently being looked at by the Administration.

Brill and the USS Executive Board believe the free responses from the survey will assist the Administration in working to alleviate student concerns.

The USS has continued to take an active role in working to create change on the Forest Grove campus. This year’s survey results, which were collected in March rather than in April like previous years, will allow USS to continue creating new programming and initiatives before the end of the year.

The USS is excited about the student turnout for the survey this year and feel it provides an accurate representation of current student thoughts and feelings.

“They are taking the time to actually try to improve the Pacific experience,” USS Advisor Steve Klein, said. “It feels better, more accurate and more representative to the sample.”


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