Faculty prepares proposal for Hallick

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Discussions surrounding a potential calendar change within Pacific University’s College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) has been ongoing throughout the year, with a final decision, regarding the potential removal of the two-credit Winter Term and possible introduction of a four-credit May Term, set to be made sometime this spring.

Faculty members recently met to discuss the different calendar options with the faculty Calendar Task Force, chaired by Jessica Ritter, director of School of Social Sciences.

“They talked about things like the kinds of experiences you would want to have in a short session, whether or not the classes should be required, and how teaching loads could be equitably distributed among faculty,” Sarah Phillips, dean of CAS said. “They’re still talking about all those things and trying to work their way through it, weighing the pros and cons of a January term versus May term.”

According to Phillips, the faculty Calendar Task Force will present their final decision regarding the calendar change to Pacific President Lesley Hallick by the end of the spring semester.

“President Hallick has indicated she would take the faculty’s work into consideration in terms of making a final decision on what happens with the calendar,” Phillips said. “She wants the best calendar for the students.”

Phillips said student voices and input will play a role in the final decision regarding the potential calendar change as well.

“We have the results of the Undergraduate Student Senate survey they did, which included a couple questions about calendar preferences for students, so we have that,” Phillips said. “And there was an Open Forum recently where some of the questions students had was about the calendar. We’re trying to get as much input as possible.”


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