Students face retribution for part in incident

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On Saturday, March 17, two Pacific University students were arrested on campus following an altercation with a teenage drug dealer in Cornelius, Ore. The two freshmen students were members of the Pacific football team, but have since been cut from the team’s roster according to fellow team members.

Multiple police reports speculated that there may have been more members of the football team involved in the incident that resulted in both students receiving second-degree disorderly conduct charges and year and a half probation.

The university released a statement following the incident saying, “Students who are identified as participating in criminal acts are subject to an internal review, as outlined in our Student Code of Conduct.” As well as stating, “Our Office of Campus Wellness has resources available to assist all of our students, including those who were directly or indirectly impacted by Saturday’s incident,” suggesting that there may have been more students involved.

According to a source close to the team, six or seven members on this year’s football team were involved that night ranging from freshmen to seniors. The football team as a whole held a team meeting a week after to discuss possible retributions for those students involved.

According to the source who attended the meeting, those players involved have been held out of participating in any spring football activities, as well as facing a three game suspension, however many students plan to appeal the decision. The coaching staff and Athletic Director Ken Schumann made it clear to the players in attendance they must be aware of the fact that they are representing the university at all times and their actions must reflect that.

As for the two freshmen charged with disorderly conduct, despite being cut from the team they still remain enrolled at Pacific.


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