Campus Security prepares for new semester

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The work never stops at Pacific University’s Campus Public Safety (CPS) office. Even when all the students and faculty have gone away on summer vacation, CPS officers stay ready at hand keeping the Boxer community protected.

According to CPS Manager Jerry Rice, there have been no major safety violations or infractions on the Forest Grove campus this summer. However, there has been a small uptick in graffiti and vandalism incidences around campus in recent weeks.

“It’s been a pretty normal summer here,” Rice said. “We’re getting officers trained and certified. And also helping new officers get up to speed on how we do things here at Pacific.”

With the start of a new school year right around the corner, Rice said the focus of CPS officers will soon shift to welcoming back new and returning students.

One of the major priorities for Rice and his team, at the start of any new semester, is to highlight the different services CPS offers.

“Be mindful of your surroundings, and if you’re ever walking around alone at night, you can call us for an escort,” Rice said. “Remember that there is a no smoking policy on campus. And if you’re ever having card access issues, we can help with that too.”

Another priority is to make connections with members of the Pacific community, especially students.

“Make sure to have our CPS number in your phone, and if you ever need us or see anything suspicious, just give us a call,” Rice said. “The students are our eyes and ears out there, so it’s very helpful when they do call us with tips.”

According to Rice, any student or member of the Pacific community who plans to park their car on the Forest Gove campus this semester will need to make themselves aware of the new parking policies being implemented by the City of Forest Grove.

“The City of Forest Grove is changing parking on University Avenue and Cedar Street to limited hours,” Rice said. “As well as eliminating overnight parking on those streets.”

Rice recommends students and faculty remember to be sure to clearly display a valid parking permit in their window when they do park on campus, to avoid any unwanted fines. Parking permits can be picked up at the Student Life desk in Clark Hall.

Rice said he is excited for a new school year at Pacific, especially welcoming the new students.

“I’m always excited to get a new student population in, they bring new blood and new ideas that help drive the university,” Rice said. “And it’s always fun to see a student blossom and grow.”



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