Boxer III to be unveiled at Homecoming weekend

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During this year’s Homecoming weekend the Office of Alumni Relations plans to reinvigorate school spirt by unveiling Boxer III, a recasting of the original, and still missing, Boxer statue from 1896. 

According to Vice President of University Advancement Cassie Warman, this project to recreate the first ever Boxer statue was initiated by a group of alumni led by alumnus Bruce Bishop, who was a member of the first ever graduating class of Boxers at Pacific University in 1968.

“It was important to him and his class to present the university with a gift, a new version of Boxer, like the one they used to ‘Toss’ when they were students,” Warman said. “He wanted it to be a piece of art to help new generations of students understand the spirit of Boxer. And the spirit of the university.”

Using historical photos and recovered pieces from the original 1896 statue, for reference, Boxer III aims to look as close as possible to the first and original design.

The Alumni Office, with help from Bishop, was even able to find and commission the same artist who created the Boxer II statue in the 1980s, for this new Boxer III project.

“The Boxer is the center point of our university’s spirit, it’s a symbol of friendship,” Warman said. “It’s also a symbol of outreach, and that’s part of the university’s mission, to help and serve others.”

The Boxer III statue will be unveiled during Homecoming weekend at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 19. The event is free, but all those wishing to attend must first register online.

“The Boxer is as important for students today, as it was back when our alumni were students,” Warman said. “The Boxer spirit lives on and this statue will be a perfect way to tell its story.”

Following the unveiling ceremony, Boxer III will find a home in the Tran Library. According to Warman, a small exhibit showcasing Boxer’s history will be added to the library following the event.

“It’s going to be a really special weekend,” Warman said. “There will be something for everybody. It’s a fun way to open our doors and welcome everyone home.”


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