Outdoor Pursuits sets up camp(us)

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New to the outdoors scene? Or perhaps a seasoned camper? Outdoor Pursuits (OP) hosts plenty of trips suited for both, including the upcoming On-Campus Camping event happening Friday through Saturday, Sept. 13 – 14 on Marsh Hall lawn.

The playful event, part of OP’s Beginner Series, will provide an afternoon full of lawn games like Frisbee, spike ball and slacklining. In the evening, those who’ve signed up will make dinner for the camping crew, followed by a treat of late-night fireside s’mores. OP Voyage Leader Seema Khatcherian, a Junior at Pacific University, encourages new students to join in the fun she experienced last year camping out on campus. “We talked, cooked and enjoyed each other’s company,” Khatcherian said. “It was a good time with a good group of people.”

This free “trip” offered through OP was created just last year and is meant to welcome newcomers into the Pacific Northwest’s outdoor scene. With a location, less than five minutes away from dormitories, the event works around the typical college student’s schedule as well as potential issues with transportation and cost.

On-campus camping was also made to showcase that not all OP trips are rigorous or exclusive to those who know their way around the woods.

Though this event is part of their beginner series — a series of trips tailor made by OP for those with little to no outdoor experience — anyone can sign up for other trips such as backpacking, surfing and whitewater rafting throughout the academic year.

OP has been helping students experience the great outdoors for years and specializes in having a fun, knowledgeable who’s eager to get students excited for adventure, according to Khatcherian and other student leaders. Beyond their own organized trip, OP also offers gear rentals for those looking to explore on their own time and in their own way. Rental offerings include but are not limited to: tents, surfboards, snow gear, backpacks, canoes and mountain bikes.

OP’s tucked away headquarters are located just across campus at 2017 21st Ave., otherwise known as the Milky Way.

Students interested can stop by to learn more about upcoming trips with OP later this month including the Wilson River clean-up on Sept. 21, a hiking day trip on Sept. 22 and a stand-up paddle boarding day trip on Sept. 28.


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