In POD we trust, ask confused students

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As the Pacific University student body tackles their first month of the semester, eyes and ears across campus turn to the University Center (UC) and the shiny new food service provider Bon Appetit.

While the actual meal service aspect of Bon Appetit seems to have received mostly positive reviews, one change to the UC that’s emerged with little buzz is the Boxer Market, formerly known as “The POD” by veteran students. While the Market offers many of the same products and services the POD had in previous years, Bon Appetit seems to have tweaked the space to offer a more nutritious range of snacks and emulate a more sleek, modern marketplace.

“We’re trying to incorporate more artisanal food while trying to keep some of the old staples in the space,” Bon Appetit General Manager Ethan Davidsohn commented.

Although, one such tweak to the Market seems to have confused to-go sushi enthusiasts and hungry night owls alike: the removal of price tags from all food items. This dilemma seems to have troubled most Market-goers, particularly more frugal students with meal plans that may offer less declining balance than meal blocks.

Furthermore, the lack of price tags on snacks and drinks in the market has confused the staff working at the register.

“We have prices for [food items], but for drinks, sometimes the register just tells us that there is a barcode error and we just assume they are $2,” Freshman Jenna Castro said.

Although, Bon Appetit currently has plans in motion to remedy the entire price tag conundrum and be more clear about the cost of its market products.

“There’s definitely intention to get all of the signage there,” Davidsohn said about future market plans, “We want to be transparent about what items cost in the Market, it’s just a matter of getting signage made.”

While efforts are being made by Bon Appetit to clear up the pricing of items offered in the Market, students remain dubious, seemingly taking scarce interest in the products offered without price tags.


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