What COVID-19 Cancelled

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Covid-19 has affected nearly every aspect of college life at Pacific University. Many students have said goodbye to theatre productions, sports practices, music rehearsals, and so many more. Here’s a comprehensive list of cancelled events on Pacific University’s Forest Grove campus to show the impact of the pandemic on students: 

  • All physical class meetings
  • All physical club meetings 
  • All sports games and practices
  • All theatre department plays
  • All Admissions open houses
  • Annual Lū‘au and Hō‘ike, Saturday April 11th 
  • Sexual Assault Art Exhibit, April 13th-16th
  • All Outdoor Pursuits trips (Includes Overnight Camping, Summit Series, White Water Rafting, etc. Refunds will be distributed. Contact outdoors@pacificu.edu for more information) 
  • Jericho Brown Poetry Reading, April 16
  • Choral Spring Concert, April 17th (Choral directors are working with singers to record their parts individually to merge the recordings into a virtual choir)
  • Jazz Nite, April 18th
  • Senior Projects Day, April 22nd
  • Dance Works XVII, April 23rd
  • NWC Track and Field Championships, April 25th
  • Orchestra Concert, May 3rd
  • Boxer’s Battle of the Bands
  • May Day, May 1
  • Film/Video End of Term and Senior Screenings (moving to digital, no dates announced)
  • Commencement, May 16

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