Letter to the Editor: Alaskans place your vote

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Dear Editor:

Alaskan students, I am a 1994 graduate of Pacific University, and my first opportunity for voting absentee took place while I was attending Pacific University.  Please prior to your voting this year read the following.

Joe Miller is a hypocrite. He has preached and pontificated for the reduced reliance upon federal government spending, yet if you examine Miller’s background, you will find he is one of the worst abusers of the system he is railing against.  Miller has received a top rate education from West Point, paid for by the federal government, yet he choose for an “early out” rather than to complete his original contract with the government as obligated.

Miller accepted money for his farm in Kansas on federal subsidies.

Miller took state money to buy a farm in Delta Junction.

Miller worked for the State of Alaska as a magistrate in Tok with benefits.

Next, Miller went to work for the federal government as a magistrate in Fairbanks with federal benefits.  He employed his wife in violation of nepotism laws (regardless of what the court said about this, any lawyer worth their salt would have known this to be a violation!)

And, the crème de la crème!  His wife, then after being terminated because of the violation, filed for unemployment benefits.  I thought there was a law against making money off illegal acts.

Miller worked as an assistant attorney for the FNSB, not only did he again receive benefits and pay, we the people also paid for a portion of his masters education at UAF.

Miller applied for a low income hunting license, but began a remodel valued at over $100k.

Miller states these items are in the past.  Ballyhoo!  They are not in the past, but rather the framework and the threads which weave the person whom stands before us!  Our past does indicate who we were, who we are, and determine the amount of change others can expect from us in the future.

Miller is a charlatan, he is no different than former carpetbaggers like Joe Lindauer and John Devens, seeking opportunity in our state.  Miller is also relatively new to Alaska.

Miller knows how to work the system very well, despite never working in Washington or being elected to any position.

Fill it in, write it in!  L-I-S-A M-U-K-R-O-W-S-K-I
Pacific University graduate 1994
Alpha Zeta Fraternity


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