Index receives commendation from ‘Oregonian’ before administration

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For those that didn’t catch the link on Facebook or the News at Pacific story on the university website, The Pacific Index was recognized by The Oregonian for our new website, 

The new website was designed to represent the Index in a more visual and interactive way that would allow visitors to easily post feedback, and view pictures and content that might not have made it into the print version. The new site also adds a timely element to the way the Index can report, and any important news that breaks between print issues can be featured on the website. 

Ok, that what was a little shameless promotion, but the Index staff is super proud of our new website and it truly was an uphill battle to get the darn thing actually running. It was a more than pleasant surprise to hear from The Oregonian, after having launched the site only two weeks before.

What excited us most about the feature; however, wasn’t just the recognition for the staff’s hard work, but also because it’s the first time any mention of The Pacific Index had appeared on the Pacific University homepage. 

We at the Index feel that we are a university resource that is devastatingly underutilized. We produce a medium that depicts what is actually going on at Pacific University with an emphasis on the student perspective. This is a valuable tool for perspective students, parents, faculty, staff, administration and alumni. 

Currently, to find The Pacific Index website from the university website, one needs to click Academics, then College of Arts & Sciences, then scroll to the bottom of the page, under “Special Interest,” and then, if you haven’t given up, click news (which, by the way doesn’t even look like an interactive button).

I’ll be straight up- we at the Index want a link on the university’s homepage. We want to be accepted as a part of the university because what we have to say is legitimate and we work hard to say it. 

Each and every member of the Index staff is a full-time student, yet our editors pour 20 or more hours into each issue. That’s a part time job and that’s for no pay, despite the fact that most college newspapers PAY their staff. The one or two credits aren’t much consolation either. But we do it because we say what needs to be said and no one else is going to. 

We shouldn’t have to get recognized by a publication like The Oregonian before we get some recognition from our own university.


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