S.A.D. rains on Oregon

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Seasonal Affective Disorder is slowly but surely consuming the minds of people who strongly dislike the rain and cold weather here in Forest Grove.  Those not from the Pacific Northwest, such as those hailing from Southern California and Hawaii, might not appreciate the beauty that is rain.

S.A.D. takes its victims in the winter, causing people who normally seem happy- go-lucky every other month, to suffer from seasonal depression.  Students here could very well suffer from it and not realize it, or not admit to having it because it rains so frequently here that it could just be too common to see any symptoms.

Then there are those who don’t suffer from any depression symptoms because they either have lived in rainy or cold cities their whole life.  Then there are those of us who would rather walk in the rain without umbrellas, because the rain is so common, that there is really no prolonging the inevitable wet factor that comes with rain.

When walking outside at 7:45 on a Monday morning, breathing in some icy air to me is refreshing and a fast way to wake me up.

Most of Southern California might not comprehend the Northwest concept of seasons, with it being sunny and warm almost every day.   Though at the same time, many Oregonians do not relate to the concept of consistent sunlight.

For those students who feel like S.A.D. has taken over their mood, I feel that I might have some tips to help cope with this strange depression!

If you look outside your window in the morning and it’s raining on a weekend morning, use it as a way to become motivated to study.  If we feel that we always have activities to do when it is sunny outside, then perhaps the rain would help motivate other things like reading or studying.

When walking to your classes, feeling frozen to the point that your nose could fall off, wearing warm clothes and drinking warm drinks will help keep your body warm.

Then there is also keeping your windows and door closed to help the heat stay inside in the case you feel a draft.

In my appreciation for Pacific Northwest climate, I feel like there is a good way to look at rain: to look at it as a way of cleaning.  Being able to wash away the worst possible weeks and always bringing clean air, and a literally clean slate.  There is no way it can hurt you, however gloomy, grey, or depressing. All you have to do is let the rain do its job
Although it may at times be difficult, try to let yourself be happy and make the best of the experience. Then there is the summer, almost everybody’s favorite season.  Summer in Oregon, doesn’t have the excruciating heat found down south, making the rest of the year completely worthwhile.
There is no place like Oregon, so everyone should really try to enjoy it and embrace it all year round. Remember, it’s our winter wonderland!


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