Wassail brings holiday joy to students, Pacific community

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Ready or not, the holidays are upon us.

Some of you may have heard of it, or even been invited to it via Facebook, but really what is this strange event called Wassail?

All over campus, you can find signs telling the student body to come to Pacific’s holiday celebration, Wassail. But why? Why is it important, Why should I even care?

Wassail is an annual event that has been held every year since 1909. The holiday celebration was started when the Dean of Women in 1909 held a holiday banquet for all the students that were unable to go home during the winter break. It was decided that the event would focus around Wassail – which means “to good health” – and old English traditions. The word Wassail was perfect for celebrating the holidays with the Pacific family without stepping on anyone’s religious traditions.

In 1924, after the Dean of Women retired, it was decided to continue the tradition of Wassail to honor the women who started it all. This was the first year that the Wassail holiday celebration was opened up to all of Pacific and was held before the holiday break.

Today, celebrating its 101st  year, Wassail will be held the night before Reading Day, Dec. 7, in the U.C. and is open to the entire Pacific community. It is not only a student event, but for all faculty and staff members as well. As students, faculty, and staff members come together to celebrate the holidays, they are able to enjoy a holiday feast, music and a program that continues to this day to build upon the traditions from the first Wassail dinner in 1909.

As a fellow student at Pacific University, I have always found Wassail to be dear to my heart and enjoyed every moment of it, and this year should be no different. I encourage all students attend. What could be better than enjoying good company, singing carols and a visit from Santa Claus?


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