From the 808 to the 503: Spring Break

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As the second wave of mid-terms looms ever closer and homework begins piling up past our ears, spring break is the beautiful escape we’ve all been waiting for. Wallowing in lost hours of sleep, we can only tread water for so much longer. Don’t worry folks; the rescue helicopter is here to take you far away.

And most people are going. Far away, that is. I’ve heard of some Hawaii kids actually flying all the way home for the break. Mainland students are visiting home as well (although I will remark quite jealously that their homes are much closer). Others will be traveling down to the party land that is Las Vegas. Many more are opting for a simple trip out of state to merely escape the Oregon vibe for a little while. I myself am traveling with a few friends down to San Diego.

We all get the point. spring break is about relaxing. It is about taking a week off from stressing every hour of every day to just letting go for a little while and letting our minds (and bodies!) rest. But more than that, it is an escape. We associate this school, these buildings, these streets, this town, with our college education. And while wae all have our long-term goals in mind, it is hard to stay optimistic when typing up a paper mere hours before it is due.  So we all need to get away for a while, transport ourselves to somewhere we can focus on something else: maybe the magic of the city or the comfort of home.

I highly discourage doing anything associated with work during the week we have off. I know that we are all busy people, and that some of us may need the time to catch up, or get ahead, or whatnot; however, if we do, we’re missing the whole point. It’s called a ‘break’ for a reason. We all need to just chill. So don’t rob yourself of any more relaxation than school has already taken from you.

If you do (as I know some people will) plan to get work done over spring break, make sure it doesn’t interfere with your other plans. Some of your best memories will come out of these breaks, whether you’re spending them on the moon or in the Grove. In these times where we can solely focus on our friends and family without any interruptions, we have the opportunity to build a deeper connection and strengthen already existing ties. Let yourself have fun. You need it.

And if you are stuck in the Grove this break, as some Hawaii kids are, I know personally that Oregon has a wonderful public transit system. I love this town and this school, but everyone needs a change of scenery for at least a day. Last year I went with my friends to Clackamas just to escape for a while. While I’m not saying you have to go that far, Portland is a great city with much to explore. Take an adventure day and be an explorer, who knows when you’ll get the chance again?

So spend your spring break right; you can even kick it off with the concert this Thursday night. But wherever you go after that is all up to you. Just remember, in the words of Bob Basso (the modern Thomas Paine), “if it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right!” Have a good one, everybody. I look forward to seeing you back on campus after the break looking chipper and refreshed!


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