Letter: Administration deserves respect, not resentment

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Sean Mills’ commentary, “Green for growth or just the sake of green” in the Mar. 3 edition of The Pacific Index contained what I can only hope was an attempt at humor and hyperbole about our President and Board of Trustees. It was inappropriate and deserves a response.

Mills states: “As President Hallick and the Board of Trustees enjoy group back rubs in Palm Springs – throwing our money in the air of giddish fits of happiness – it would be safe to assume that Pacific University is quite interested profiting off the popularity of sustainable development.”

First, the Board of Trustees and President Hallick take very seriously their fiduciary responsibility for the University. In fact, one of the pillars of the University mission is to operate in an economically sustainable way. The visual that was created by this commentary was unfortunate and distracts from the substance of the article.

President Hallick was in Palm Springs in January attending the Council for Independent Colleges Presidents’ Institute. She was invited by this national organization to moderate a panel for “Reaffirming the Student Athlete.” She participated in a workshop entitled “A Presidential Guide to Tuition Pricing and Discounting” and in plenary sessions for “Defending the Liberal Arts as an Essential Public Mission” and “Economic Challenges to the Future of Private Colleges and Universities.”

President Hallick was there for the benefit of our students, and our University. She is well regarded among her peers, and is deserving of a measure of respect.

The Board of Trustees regular meetings are held on campus. Trustees, who generously provide their time, expertise and resources to the University, pay for their own travel and overnight accommodations.

In addition we expect our Trustees to provide annual leadership support to the University in the form of charitable contributions. They also provide the leadership gifts for special initiatives, for endowed funds, for capital improvements and other opportunities on our campuses. All of this service and their financial support is a direct benefit to students.

I applaud the call for student engagement. However, the issue that was intended to be the focus of the article was lost to me by the missed attempt at humor.

-Eva Krebs, J.D.

Dean of Students

Vice President – Student Affairs


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