Letter: Incident report hassle a misunderstanding

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In response to The Pacific Index editorial titled “CPS reports withheld from Index,” 3 March 2011:

The University has provided summary information of campus incident reports to The Pacific Index in the past and this summary will continue to be provided in the future upon request. It is also easily accessible online at http://www.pacificu.edu/cps/incidentreports/index.com.*

Important to note, the summary does not include personal identities. It is our intention to continue to protect the identities and rights to privacy of our students.

This editorial brought to light the recent request received by a staff member and the fact that the information wasn’t provided at that time. That has now been corrected.

To provide context it might be helpful to know that campus incident reports are a record for University administrators to assess behavioral trends and address them on a discretionary basis. As The Pacific Indexcorrectly points out, the reports become public records if they are furnished to local law enforcement agencies (e.g. Forest Grove Police, Washington County Sheriff). Sometimes that is indeed the case.

-Harold Roark
Director of Facilities &

Safety Management

*Note: at the time of publication for The Pacific Index March 3 editorial titled “CPS reports withheld from Index,” the summary information of campus incident reports for 2011 was not available online. The issue has been resolved and the current incident reports are now available online.


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