Letter: Chomsky draws crowd from near and far

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Dear Editor,

Bravo! Pacific University for the Noam Chomsky lecture.

Your professor Boersma is to be congratulated for his persistence and tenacity it getting this enlightened man to come to Pacific University.

We arrived early, took TriMet (as was suggested in the notice), walked through your truly lovely campus, asked directions of several Pacific staff members and had great seats in the middle on the bottom row of the bleachers.

We are alumni of Portland State University. It was really fun to have that overall “I’m a college kid again” feeling.

We live in St. Johns/North Portland. The lecture and listening to Chomsky live was well worth our 2 1/2 hour bus and Max trip.


Thank you, Pacific University.

Gilbert & Gloria Luzader

St. John’s, Oregon



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