PUGS: Rejected fraternity was given fair chance

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Dear Editor,

We, the Greeks, would like to respond to questions asked by Kathleen Rohde  regarding our decision on the Lambda Omega Delta co-ed Fraternity becoming recognized by the Pacific University Greek Senate (PUGS).

1. In your own words why was the fraternity not feasible at this time for Pacific’s Greek system?

2. Generally, what is Pacific’s Greek Senate’s opinions on co-ed fraternities?

3. What is happening in the next three years that is planning on making the current fraternities stronger and more stable?

4. Apparently, there were some rumors saying that PUGS intended to shut down the fraternity from the moment they heard of its existence because of the fact that is was intending to be co-ed, does PUGS have any comments on this matter?

As we stated in the letter to the founding members of Lambda Omega Delta and discussed with them in person before giving them the letter, our current system is in a state of revitalization struggling to support our current chapters. Before we can begin to support a new group, we have a responsibility to our current chapters. Additionally, the PUGS execs told the chapter that if this proposal had arisen three years from now, the Greeks might have been more stable.  We believe that Lambda Omega Delta represented many civic values that the Greeks have not considered.  From their outside perspective, we definitely have a better understanding of where Greeks can improve our inclusivity and attraction to students. Another factor in our decision was not all of the expectations were met for a new group to be considered. Part of this is due to a lack of formal process and we are now looking at creating a formal process for future groups wishing to be recognized by PUGS.

Regarding our stability and future plans, since lLast year we adopted a senate model,  this year has been devoted towe are trying to working out the kinks of this transition. We also received, through a donation from Eva Krebs, multiple webinars aimed at improving recruiting and transitioning leadership.  We believe that having continuing attendance at AFLV (a major all-Greek conference in Southern California) to increase our leadership potential is also key to our vitality.

Despite all rumors of not accepting Lambda Omega Delta from early in the process, the PUGS executive board, the key deciders on this issue, was told from the beginning by their advisor to deeply consider the matter from all angles and we feel confident that we did do that.  When all was said and done, we realized it would not have been fair for them to have come in and not have the support they deserved.


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