Letter to the Editor: Our campus needs more art

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This campus needs more art and I expect many agree with my opinion.  As a tour guide, I often explain to visitors that because Pacific’s small, students here have a big impact on activities, culture, academics, policies and food—but art/aesthetics should be on that list!

Sometimes visitors ask if there’s anything particular I wish were different about Pacific, or anything I’m disappointed by and I immediately think of the lack of campus art.  We have so many artists and potential spots for art, so I’d like to make this happen.  Then every time I visit Lewis & Clark University, I won’t be jealous of the plethora of gorgeous student-made pieces on their campus.

I’m aware that there’s art at B Street Farm and the Life and Sol garden, but neither of these places show up on a tour or even in most students’ average days when they’re just walking to classes.  Think of the potential for beauty, creativity and student collaboration:  statues, colorful doors, cob structures, painted park benches and picnic tables, murals and so on. I loved the chalk art by the volleyball court about what lies underneath is the beach, but it’s been washed away. There’s a billion different places these things could be displayed—a side of Walter, the ugly side of the library, the gazebo, Walter annex, stairways of Clark, laundry rooms, lounges, Trombley square, inside Scott Hall, the basement or side of the U.C., in the middle of a grassy area, or even on a wall put up just for this purpose!

Lewis & Clark University even has the doors in residence halls painted with special black paint which allows the doors to be used as chalk boards—personal door-murals that change!

I think this change is possible and it would prove that students at a small school have an impact–power.  If you’re interested or if you know more about how I should go about this, talk to me in person, write a letter to the editor, or email me at monk0304@pacificu.edu.


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