January grad in search of more assistance

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As spring semester kicks into high gear, it’s difficult to miss the slew of events for seniors. Buying caps, gowns, stoles and class rings, evaluating programs to be sure requirements are met, sending out announcements and invitations – the list goes on.

A number of seniors look in on the festivities from the outside. This group is not comprised of students who came to college to party and then needed to play catch up. It’s made up of over-achievers who require an extra semester to complete their programs and are graduating after a fall term rather than a spring term. These seniors follow a different schedule. Unfortunately, no one seems to know what that schedule is.

As one of these fall graduates, I’ve found the process more stressful than anything else. At the Grad Check on Nov. 1, 2011, I was told to come back later because the registrar was too busy to deal with me. I obliged and, after a week, managed to change my graduation date from May 2012 to January 2013. I was told I would have to follow the processes and schedule for the May 2013 Commencement.

The problem is, I’m from California and I can’t be in Oregon all through the spring semester of 2013 to attend those events scheduled for that year’s graduation. At the Countdown to Graduation on Feb. 7, the welcome committee could only offer that I attend the events next year or speak to the registrar.

It’s not difficult to see the circular goose-chase I’ve been sent on. Pacific, I ask you as a student who has been in attendance for almost four years and as a double major-double minor who studied abroad for a semester, pay attention to the rest of us.

Senior year is stressful enough. Allow an option to simplify the process for everyone involved in fall graduation.


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