New UC camera dubbed deceitful

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Deceit is defined as the action of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth. This word is not the first that comes to mind when talking about Pacific University but with the recent installment of a video camera above the cash registers in the UC, I was shocked that there was not a general announcement of its arrival.

By putting up a camera to overlook the exit to RFoC, Pacific University has in fact also placed the “Big Brother Effect” in our UC. It is generally known that people do not act out or break the law when they know they are being watched.

So that leads me to ask, why is Pacific University waiting for students to break the law when instead they could work with the students, sending out a friendly advisory? As much as Pacific has pushed that they want to be on the students’ level and try to avoid unnecessary conflict, the lack of attention brought to the camera from Pacific is contradictory.

There needs to be an announcement about the reasoning behind the installment. There had to be a reason the camera was installed now and not last year, or the year before and I would like to know the reasoning. As we have seen from the CPS reports that are public documents, a few students have been confronted about stealing food from RFoC. How detrimental were these instances to Aramark? I think being upfront and honest about the issues going on is the best way to get student to understand the actions that could follow. I want to know the reasoning behind the new camera and I can imagine I’m not the only one who feels untrusted because of it.

By explaining the reasoning in full detail, I can promise the students of Pacific would more likely feel that the installment of this camera was not intended as deceitful, but feel that authorities were trying to come explain frustrations on the same level of respect. That’s the Pacific I know.


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