Our Two Cents 2/16

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It’s really scary thinking of life after graduation, especially in this job economy. So I went to the career development center and had them help me with my resume and look into teaching English abroad positions. I got some really helpful feedback and now I’m feeling a little less freaked out about what the future has in store for me. I definitely recommend it to anyone who thinks they might need just a little extra help.

-Korina Kaio-Madox


U.C. food – it’s so good for the first 12 times you have the same thing over and over again. Don’t get me wrong. I love the mongolian grill and everything, but c’mon. Can’t we get something else? A little variety in a person’s diet can go a long way.

-Tyler Grant


What’s with the new parking spaces blocked off for the new electric car chargers? I appreciate the push to be sustainable, but I haven’t seen anybody using them. The chargers are taking up valuable parking spaces that were being used on a daily basis. There already weren’t enough spaces.

-Ashleigh Simons


With spring pledging coming up again, it reminds me how frustrating it is when the sorority’s signs are taken down because they don’t follow the posting procedures. This tradition that is almost as old as Pacific only has positive things to say and only stay up for a few days. Many other posters hang up for months and have nothing of value to say. Little things like these add up to squelch Boxer spirit.

-Stephanie Haugen


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