Student praises return of free bike program

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What made my February 1 was not the nail biting thought that Punxsutawney Phil might not see his shadow tomorrow or the news that their would be a roller skating night the next week. My wonderful surprise appeared in a simple email stating that the Afree bikes were back in business. Brought to students through the Pacific Outback, the program is free and provides bike rentals to members.

Now, for anyone who is not a member Afree bike program the magnitude of this statement doesn’t even come close to how I felt at that moment. Before the bikes were revoked I enjoyed riding around Forest Grove at least three times a week. Then all of a sudden they were taken away because of damages. It was like I was robbed of a piece of my weekly routine.

Before winter break and during winter term I kept thinking how splendid it would be to hop on one of the Afree bikes and explore Forest Grove, yet thanks to the members who mistreated the bikes, this was not a possibility.

Now with a newly thinned member’s list and a fresh bike combination, I am able to ride a bike whenever I please.

A big thanks goes out to the program coordinators Sarah and Rachel Palmer for trying to solve the problem and returning the bikes for the remaining members.

Anyone who isn’t signed up for this totally free program should. For all of you still on the member’s list who are irresponsible enough to trash the bikes, remember you’re technically an adult now and it’s time to learn some respect.

Overall I am so pleased with the return of the bikes and hope to have many more wonderful adventures thanks to this program.


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