Opinion editor calls on students to write

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Another school year has come and gone, and as it leaves us, we can take the opportunity to reflect upon both our successes and our failures. It is through reflection most of all that we learn and prepare better for the future that lies ahead.

As the new opinion editor for the Pacific Index, I would like to take advantage of the end of the year to take stock of the opinion section. In years past, it has typically been difficult to get students to send in guest columns and letters to the editor. The editor would typically have to solicit the materials necessary for the upcoming issue.

I know personally how opinionated Pacific students can be; practically everywhere I go on campus, I hear people discussing something about a school policy they don’t like, or an event they thought was good or bad, or something similar. You can’t deny that we have thoughts in our heads.

The opinion pages of the Pacific Index should be a forum for discussion, where your ideas can be aired. To all you Pacific students out there, I encourage you to exercise your first amendment rights, take out your computer keyboard and partake in this wonderful thing they call the press.


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