Orientation dance upbeat, says frosh

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As one of the many overtly inquisitive freshmen entering Pacific without a concrete clue about how student life is truly conducted, the first annual freshman dance that concluded orientation was a breath of fresh air and an enormous nerve calmer.

Since seventh grade, the school dances I have been a part of were basically code for “pump your fists and rub your groin on mine for three hours.” This being said, having a professional dance instructor teach actual dances that involved more physical engagement than swaying one’s hips back and forth, up and down, was a refreshing change of pace and more fun than I have had at a dance in years.

I will admit the freshman class looked like a wad of uncoordinated trout attempting to do the polka, myself included; but as a new little fish in an old big pond, some fellow embarrassed trout were warmly welcomed.

The only debatable low point in the evening was when the boys were asked to go through the mass of females and pick a suitable face to be their dancing partner. I am all for pushing young college men out of their comfort zone of gazing from afar but, because the majority were still too frightened by the mass of estrogen to partake, many of the girls were left with feelings of rejection.

To the girls who were left out, I apologize in advance for my bluntness but, welcome to college. It will most likely not be the last time these poor guys are too nervous to approach you and there is nothing a boisterous dance instructor can say to them to change that.

Perhaps the greatest part of the evening was how easy it was to make friends. Pod gatherings games are not to be spoken down of but I made more friends tripping over myself attempting to embody my inner Jennifer Lopez during salsa time than I made over all of the orientation weekend. When one is making an utter fool of himself it forces him to go find other fools to bond with.

Although my posterior may have gotten cold by lack of a male companion, I found the freshman dance to be hugely successful and greatly encourage it to be repeated in future orientations.


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