Cinematic Magic with Ellen Bialik: “Pitch Perfect” is sweet music to the ears

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“Pitch Perfect” is an unexpected bout of comedic genius hidden behind the premise of a feel-good chick flick. Have yet to lay your eyes on the trailer? Good. Walk in blind. Trust me—half the fun is not knowing what the hell is going to happen next.

As far as the plot goes, all I will say is that the film revolves around a college freshman (Anna Kendrick) who reluctantly joins a female a cappella group at a school where there is stiff competition for people who like to make instrument noises with their mouths.

What is so endearing about this film is its unexpected humor. The storyline in and of itself is humorous in a sort of cheesy way, but the real knee-slappers come from sexual innuendos, offensive one-liners, situational irony and scenes loaded with a ton of good old-fashioned WTF.

Crazy, unconventional characters and an incredibly talented cast make up the heart and soul of this film. From an aggressive Aussie who calls herself ‘Fat Amy’ to a disturbingly odd Asian who speaks so softly that no one ever understands what she’s saying, the characters in this film will keep you laughing from beginning to end.

Since the entire basis of “Pitch Perfect” is creating music, I have to mention that the singing is top notch and the musical arrangements are extremely well matched. This film is what the hit TV show “Glee” should be doing with their time and talent. The numbers range from 1970’s disco to 2011’s David Guetta, and are pieced together so well that they bleed seamlessly from one era to the next. All of the music culminates at the national a cappella competition, where the groups give their final performances. The music, choreography, lighting and cheering audience make a simple a cappella show feel like an A-list concert. Before you know it, you’ll realize that you were dancing in your seat during the entire scene.

The big numbers aren’t the only noteworthy song mash-ups, however. Kendrick’s character is an aspiring music producer who spends her time remixing chart toppers like La Roux’s “Bulletproof” and the Proclaimers’ “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” into songs that you wish you could add to your iTunes library or happen upon while changing radio stations in the car (for those who still listen to the radio). There is also a secret, late night a cappella event known as the “riff-off,” which plays out much like a dance-off, but with singing instead of complex choreography. The whole concept is ridiculously corny; yet, at the same time, pretty awesome. It’s one of those events that, should you stumble upon it one night, you might just find surprisingly cool.

To sum it all up, I give “Pitch Perfect” four out of five Matt Damons. Whether you are male or female, love a cappella or hate it with a fiery passion, I strongly urge you to go see this movie. Take your BFFs, your bros, or your imaginary friends. You won’t be disappointed. The absolute absurdity of this film had me in stitches; and the songs, characters and dialogue stay with you long after you leave the theater.


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