ACE Board rules hurt

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Monopoly. That is the one word that comes to mind when I think of ACE Board. It seems no matter what event is held on campus, ACE Board has its filthy hands in it. Sure, they say they are here to “help,” but they don’t really mean it. They have to be one of the most disorganized organizations on campus. If there is any way they can “help” and make sure their name is on the posters, ACE Board will take it. What this monopoly is doing is taking opportunities away from other clubs and organizations by means of diminishing how much publicity they receive. This includes things such as forcing them to hire their DJs or making obscure rules about reserving a date, but then taking it away.

I am co-Vice President of Electronic Dance Music Club, a club that focuses on a love for music and DJing. EDMC has quickly become one of the most popular clubs with students. This has been around for barely two semesters, but has already hosted or collaborated better events than ACE Board could have ever done. Electric Avenue is a prime example and that event was held not long after EDMC was approved as a club.

To ACE Board, however, EDMC just comes off as a threat. Why? Well, apparently it is a crime if another club comes to us and asks us to DJ and not them. Or the fact our DJs are actually good at what they do.

This year it seems no matter how far in advance EDMC goes to ACE Board for an event; they are pushed aside for another club or for an event solely put on by the monopoly. Two events were either co-opted or taken away from EDMC, events we were excited to host. Thanks to ACE Board and their disorganization, we have been given the short end of the stick. It is not like this is just happening to one club, it is happening to a lot of other clubs and organizations. And this has been happening for a long time.

Students’ voices are being smothered and ignored. This monopoly has taken over the school and this has lead to a lot of anger. If the university wants their students happy, maybe they should take a look at ACE Board and fix it. This monopoly needs to be held responsible for the extreme unhappiness that is circulating through campus. Give clubs a chance to show what they are about and give them a voice again.


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