‘Rocky’ fans deserve nod

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I would like to take a moment to give appreciation to those students who have been attending “The Rocky Horror Show” at Theatre in the Grove these past few weeks.
“Rocky Horror,” more so than the average stage production, requires a great deal of audience participation in order to be a fun experience. While certainly true of all theatre, this show needs the energy provided by an engaged audience in order to help the actors perform to the best of their abilities.
This is why I have been so proud to see so many Pacific students pour into the past two midnight showings of “The Rocky Horror Show” held on Halloween and Nov. 3. I talked to many students who were pleased not only with the show but with the atmosphere of fun that permeated the theatre, whether they had seen the movie version of the show beforehand or not.
With that in mind, I would encourage everyone to attend the final midnight showing of “The Rocky Horror Show” on Saturday, Nov. 10. Your enthusiasm has fed energy into the actors these past few performances, and I would love to see the final show match that level of “absolute pleasure” embodied in the audience.
Buy tickets at the door or on theatreinthegrove.org.


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