Final ‘Twilight’ wraps up story

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In 2008, the world got its first cinematic taste of author Stephanie Meyer’s best-selling book series with the first installment, “Twilight.” Now, four years later, the series has come to a close with “Breaking Dawn, Part II.”

As we grew with the Twilight saga, we grew to love or hate the complicated love stories and the tales of mythical creatures—sparkly and furry alike. Admit it, we all flocked to the movie to either make fun of the movie, or to fulfill our guilty pleasure quota – or a little of both, and Meyer’s storylines have given us the perfect outlines to do exactly that.

This movie, a continuation of the fourth and final book, showcased Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, and her transition from human to vampire. Despite having just given birth to daughter Renesmee, and almost dying in the process, Bella’s prime physical conditions allow her to cross barriers she’d never thought possible—including keeping up with her husband, the ultimate-in-vampire-love Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson.

However, the birth of her half-human, half-vampire child has left Bella and the rest of her Cullen clan in danger. Together, the Cullens work to assemble an army of vampires willing to fight the Volturi, the universal-but-still-primarily-Italian vampire government who have been deeply disturbed by the child during a case of mistaken origin.

Overall, the movie wasn’t a disappointment, no matter their intentions; there were plenty of opportunities to get the last laughs at mediocre acting and bad digital imaging, but this movie was fairly accurate in terms of storyline and had enough sappy, humorous, and action scenes to keep the “Twihards” of the world happy.

The biggest surprise for all viewers came in the ending portion of the movie, during an unexpected plot twist leaving everyone’s jaws on the floor. As the process of events slowly unfurled, emotions ran high across the theatre seats, and led to outcries of emotion even from those who insisted they were only attending “for laughs.”

Raking in over $577 million worldwide thus far, this movie is on track to become the highest-grossing film in the entire saga. It dominated its main competitor, “Skyfall,” over the holiday weekend, nearly doubling their box office sales. Despite the claims of “Skyfall” being a “male movie,” it seems as though the movie-going “Twilight” fans of the world still reign supreme.

With this, we can bid farewell to the messy tragedy that has consumed our hearts, laughter, and social media for the past few years, and instead anticipate Stephanie Meyer’s next movie, based upon her also-best-selling novel, “The Host,” dated for release in theaters on March 29, 2013.


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