Holiday break is time to think about grades

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with that comes a multitude of reasons to celebrate. Students get the opportunity to go back home and visit their families and close childhood friends. Holiday treats like egg nog and apple cider are always to be found, and home-cooked holiday meals are always one of my many favorite things about this time of year. Of course, the thing many students might be thankful for most at this point is the chance to catch up with their beloved sleep.

What many students might not think about at first is something that is vitally important to your time at Pacific: grades. During the holiday break, stuents get back their grades for the first semester and either groan or celebrate according to the results. With this in mind, I’d like to take the opportunity to address the current freshman class at Pacific.

If you have done well when you look at your grades in the course of the few weeks, then congratulations! You have successfully survived your first semester at Pacific. If you were like I was as a freshman, your first semester at college might have seemed overwhleming at first, and at times you may have wanted to quit it all.  Nonetheless, you have successfully gritted your teeth and came out on top, and for that I give my sincerest applause.

If you have not done so well when you get your grades back, it can be disappointing, but chin up! The first semester is often one filled with mental adjustment, and you might do better once some of these worries are out of the way in the next semester. Plus, you’ll start in January, and with the promise of a new year ahead of you, I have confidence that you’ll be able to bear down and earn the grades you deserve.


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