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At a liberal arts college, I find it strange that Christmas seems to be the only winter holiday represented in the University Center. Why are there no Menorahs? What about something for Kwanzaa? We should be more visibly appreciative of the diveristy that Pacific has to offer and stands for in its mission statement. -Kathleen Rohde


Lights. Lights. Lights. Let’s deck out Trombley this year. Pacific should put some emphasis on holiday cheer in a place that houses so many young, creative and intuitive minds. -Tyler Grant


As winter approaches and it begins to get a lot colder, chances are many students will have to deal with soemthing they’ve haven’t had to before: snow. Snow is very pretty, and I’m all for frollicking in the beautiful icy wonderland. However, with that in mind, be safe and use your best judgement to avoid any dangerous “slip-ups.” -Dion MacDonald


Only two people showed up to ACE Board and Boxer Radio’s DJ Workshop on November 27th. ACE Board and Boxer Radio need to review their advertising strategies and students need to take advantage of these unique events that Pacific puts on. -Kathleen Rohde


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