Freshman speaks on the joy of starting college

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The nerves of being a college freshman are something that every Pacific student has experienced at one time or another. But before or after that anxiety burns off, there is also a period of excitement that tags along with the reality of being off on your own, in an unfamiliar place. For incoming freshman Stephanie Bultman, this excitement occurred before she even left home.

During her last week of summer, Bultman explained, “I have been rushing to pack up my room I have had for the last 18 years and hang out with as many friends as I can before we all leave for our different schools.”

Although her last days at home were comforting, Bultman said the prospect of being in a new place, more specifically Clark Hall, made her “more excited than nervous.”

“It’s really weird to think that I am going to be living in a new state and everything will be different than it has been my whole life,” Bultman said.

However, Bultman agreed that the nerves are still very much present, as with most when approaching higher education.

“The classes make me the most nervous,” admitted Bultman, “I have no idea what to expect.”

These new learning places may be daunting to Bultman, but to her they are also an opportunity to make new friends.

“I am a pretty social person and everyone seems so nice that I don’t think I will have trouble making friends,” said Bultman. “My brother was a freshman at Western Washington University and he said to put yourself out there and meet as many people as you can in the first two weeks before all the friend groups are made.”

Along with the list of aspirations she will be bringing along during her first year at Pacific, Bultman plans to hold onto her love of the water.

Not only was she part of a rafting Voyages trip but she also hopes to make conference on Pacific’s swim team this year.

But while she is working on that title, Bultman concluded that the most important thing to her was the key, overall goal of wanting to do well in all of her classes while having the “college experience.”


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