New editor expresses dedication to the Index

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As new, excited faces start to fill the campus and people are shifted in and out of the university life, I realize that accepting the position of opinion editor has made me one of those faces.

Although I am sad to see my predecessor and mentor, Dion Macdonald, go, I take pride in the thought that he believed in my abilities to take over in his place.

I may only be in my sophomore year at Pacific, but I have been writing for three years now. I started writing for my high school newspaper in the opinion section, which is where my love of writing stems from. Out-of-the-box articles with fun and sometimes heated subjects keep that love alive today.

In my debut on the editorial staff, I am thrilled by the new and different ideas that can be brought to the pages of the Index. While maintaining the integrity and the quality of the paper, I truly hope to bring a modern and fresh style to the opinion section.

Not only am I eager to work as an editor, but I am very enthusiastic about being able to become a part of the team that makes up the Index. Each one of the staff members is incredibly dedicated and makes working on the Index a fun and entertaining learning experience.

As part of that dedicated staff, I promise to be just as devoted and determined to bring to the readers of the Index the quality and excitement that can be found in the words of many, right here in the opinion section.


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