‘We’re the Millers’ delivers laughs, twists

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In order to be able to pull off the same humor that he achieved in “Dodgeball,” director Rawson Marshall Thurber enlisted the help of Jason Sudeikis  in “We’re the Millers.” Sudeikis plays a washed-up marijuana dealer, David, who lives in the same apartment complex as other misfits; specifically, Rose the stripper, played by Jennifer Aniston and Kenny the exclaimed virgin, played by Will Poulter.

Dave’s bachelor lifestyle takes a nose dive when he tries to save Casey, the homeless runaway played by Emma Roberts, from being mugged. Dave ends up being the victim of the mugging.

The money and paraphernalia that Dave loses is the property of his drug lord boss, and old college friend, Brad played by Ed Helms. Brad propositions Dave with a solution that will not only wipe his slate clean but will require him to hire an All-American family in order to pass through U.S. borders incognito.

As expected, when strangers Dave, Rose, Kenny and Casey are thrown together, hilarity ensues. However, the majority of the jokes and scenes tend to be closer to the R rating. For example, a tarantula-sized spider manages to find its way to Kenny’s private area. And what follows is a close up of one very painfully swollen, important anatomical part.

As a stripper Jennifer Aniston doesn’t fail to have her moment of fame where she manages to not only distract the bad guys but also manages to save everybody’s skins in the process. Her role as a stripper does not disappoint.

The ending has a surprise twist that many will definitely not see coming, just as I did. At times the scenes leading up to the punch line scenes felt like they were thrown together, but it did make receiving the humor that followed worth the wait.

If you are looking for clean humor then this is not the movie for you. But if you are looking for some raunchy and surprising scenes that will have you laughing like you did in “Dodgeball,” then “We’re the Millers” won’t disappoint.


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