Free laundry gives loads back to poor freshmen

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tudents spend a large portion of their money each year doing loads of laundry. Pacific officials announced that starting fall 2014 they plan to provide free laundry for on campus students. Incoming freshman must be ecstatic, while seniors feel frustrated.

“I think that free laundry is a won- derful idea! I wish I wasn’t a senior so that I could actually take advantage of it,” said senior Rebecca McDonell.

McDonell explained that if Pacific had made this offer last year, she might have stayed on campus as opposed to moving off of campus.

She does worry though if the new plan will raise the cost of housing. The high cost as it is caused her to have to move off of campus for her senior year.

Another senior, Hannah Lee, said she thinks that it’s a great idea that Pacific plans to offer free laundry.

Although, she too has heard that there may be an increase in the housing prices, and if so, then it would just seem like the students would be paying for their laundry anyway.

Students coming into Pacific next fall will not be as appreciative of having free laundry because they will never have had to experience paying $1.50 for one load of laundry.

Especially for juniors and seniors, this enforcement is rather frustrating in that they now can see exactly how much money they could have saved and used elsewhere had they not had to pay for their own laundry.

One question to bring up is why this charge is being lifted? Tuition fees are go- ing up annually to help Pacific, but where was the laundry fee going if it is now not needed? Is laundry now going to be added into the tuition?

Every school has a different way of doing things and Pacific is definitely unique in its mannerisms and while this break in day-to-day expenses is greatly welcomed and appreciated, it is also something to be taken with a grain of salt.

Coming from Western Oregon University, I paid about half of the price to attend school at a public university. Granted, there were many more students in my classes, and not as focused of a cur- riculum for each individual student. My freshman year, I had free laundry while

attending school.
It absolutely blew me away that

Pacific charges their students for laundry. Students already pay a ton of money out of pocket or in loans for school, putting them in debt for years, and yet free laundry isn’t included?

While freshman may be celebrating, the upper classmen are aggravated over the change in the laundry situation that was not previously available to them.

Most students are rather irritated with the realization of how much money they could have saved had they not had to pay for laundry.

So for the future students who are naïve to the money-sucking monster that laundry was, your timing couldn’t have been better.


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