Boxer Revolution: Students express need for change

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Freshmen Cassie Ashcraft (left) and Nathan Tanous (right) sit in Trombley Square after a student sit in, which happened April 4. During the sit in “5% too high” was chalked into the side of the wall. Student Senate Vice President of Leadership Aryn Jones led the sit-in which gathered students throughout the afternoon on short notice. They called for a revolution and asked students to bring an issue, a sign, an open mind and a friend to share concerns in a productive way.

Students gathered to express their opinions openly about new fees that were placed on students trying to take studio arts or lab science classes. Other topics included the new $200 winter term registration fee, toilet paper, Greek life and how a possible new fraternity affects life on campus and other concerns being brought to light on the unofficial Pacific U Confessions Facebook page. The student senate met with President Lesley Hallick April 3 to discuss the sudden fees. Hallick explained that there is a $3 million budget gap and the new fees are the answer or tuition would have to be raised by about 1 percent, to a total of 5 percent. The student senate unanimously voted in favor of raising tuition instead of slapping on additional fees. Hallick emailed all of Pacific April 4 announcing that the new fees for the undergraduate lab and studio classes would be removed and tuition would not be raised for the academic 2014-2015 year.

There has been no decision made on whether the $200 registration fee for winter term will be eliminated.


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