Student calls for administrative change

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I do not hate Pacific in any way. I have travelled very far to attend Pacific, and at first it was worth my while. Lately, though, the administration of this school has been forcing me to second guess my decision.

As my undergraduate career has progressed, the administration has altered the values of Pacific from ones I agreed with to values that seem to emphasize football recruitment, the sciences, and increasing the student population so much to a point that the university I loved is nearly unrecognizable. It feels as if the administration has forgotten the students that do not take part in sports or the sciences, or are not incoming students.

I am definitely not trying to say that the football program or the sciences are bad, or do not deserve attention, but it is incredibly alienating to those of us who are not involved in those programs to see so much attention given to these programs when there is so much more to Pacific.

It would be amazing to see the arts, among other programs, get even a fraction of the focus that other programs receive, especially because there are some incredibly talented and bright students in attendance here.

We pay a considerable amount of money to attend Pacific and the administration consistently and completely disregard the fact that the students at this institute are the integral part of Pacific University.

Our voices, regardless of whether we are happy or not, should be not only heard but should be taken into serious consideration by the administration. Lesley Hallick receives an ample salary to treat the students’ opinions as though they are not important, or at least so it seems. I feel as though a minimal amount that is beneficial is being done for the current members of the Pacific community, and it is absolutely necessary that something significant changes at this school.


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