Technology career away skilled students

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Students today are growing up in a constantly evolving, technology-savvy society. While the level of connection students have with technology may not be healthy, it is useful when utilized.

The workforce is currently going through a change where there is less of a need for people who are the jack-of- all-trades type and there is a larger and larger need for specialists, especially technology specialists. Whether this means a focus on media navigation, software programing or general ability to accurately search for information.

This change is a positive one for the students today who are able to work with the newer technology with ease. The only setback is the use of videogames

or entertainment sites instead of using the technology at our fingertips for educational or informational purposes.

While it is not a representation of the entire student population, there is a general lack in worldly knowledge even though the information is just a click away.

The younger generation is, in all probability, the most prepared with technology and its many uses. Because of their experience, students could be a very formidable group. If they designated their time and effort educating themselves on global issues, working on their skills in a technology field of their choosing or taking advantage of all of the information that is easily within reach, students might realize that they have more control over their environment than they may think.

It is about time that students put their skills to good use.


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